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Thank you for visiting our school's webpage.  We are proud of our school for many reasons, including our outstanding students, our dedicated staff, and our rich heritage.  The students at Enota come from many different backgrounds and experiences.  This kind of diversity provides meaningful opportunities for our students to learn from one another and to develop an appreciation for others.  We often boast about our students being "champions."  We do that because we believe in the champion potential of every student.  We are also proud of our staff members.  We are fortunate to have people working at our school who are dedicated to the success of our students.  Furthermore, we pride ourselves in how our staff members develop caring relationships with all students, encouraging and supporting them in the achievement of their learning goals and in the pursuit of their dreams!  Finally, being a part of the Enota family joins you to a rich heritage of many generations of students and their families who have called Enota home.  Our school first opened its doors to students in the fall of 1954.  Since then 1000s of students have walked our hallways and sat in our classrooms.  While we opened a brand new building for our school in the fall of 2018, our heritage hasn't changed, but only grows richer with each passing day!

Go Fish!

Come see our 2nd and 3rd Grade students perform Go Fish on November 17th! 2nd grade - 5:30

3rd grade - 7:00



Thanksgiving Break

Our Thanksgiving Break will be from November 21st to November 25. Enjoy your holiday!

Winter Holidays

The school will be closed from December 19th to December 30th. Happy Holidays!

Parent Feedback Needed

The Georgia Department of Education welcomes your feedback and comments regarding the proposed K-12 English Language Arts Standards.
Click Here to complete the survey. 

Student Device Insurance Program

Accidents happen! Purchase insurance for $25 to protect your student's device & avoid costly replacement fees. Click Here for details.

Enota's Garden

Enota's garden was selected as a Homegrown National Park!