Parent Resource Center

Enota MI Academy Parent Resource Center

The Parent Resource Center at Enota is open 7:00am to 2:45pm Monday through Friday. Materials and resources are available for checkout to help your child.

Website for parents on the importance of early literacy skills and ways parents can help their children get ready for school: ¡Colorín Colorado!

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Morning Drop-Off Reminders

To help us ensure the safety of every child at our school, please review and follow the guidelines below related to morning drop-off.

1. The school does NOT have any staff members on duty anywhere before 6:45 AM. For that reason, parents should NOT leave their children at school earlier than 6:45 AM.

2. While the cafeteria doors open at 6:45 AM, the school does NOT have any staff members on duty in the car rider drop-off area until 7:05 AM.

3. Drivers who wish to drop off students between 6:45 - 7:05 AM should do one of the following:

Pull as far forward along the covered sidewalk as possible before stopping to release your child(ren). Then watch your children to ensure that they walk into the cafeteria.

Park your car and walk your child(ren) across the parking lot and then watch to ensure that they walk into the cafeteria.

Please do NOT pull around to the left into the passing lane and release your child(ren) from the passing lane. This requires your child(ren) to walk in front of the lane of traffic closest to the covered walkway which presents a dangerous situation. The passing lane to the left should only be used by drivers who have already released their students and who are exiting the parking lot.

5. Regardless of what lane you are in, ALWAYS drive SLOWLY while on our campus.

6. Using a cell phone while on the school campus presents a dangerous situation during drop-off time.

7. Whether you see a child or not, always assume that a child is nearby while you are driving on our campus. Keep a watchful eye in front and to the sides of your vehicle for a child who may be about to dart in front of you.

Accidents are preventable, but not reversible. We appreciate your help in preventing accidents on our campus.

Car Rider Courtesy Reminder

Students who are car riders should be dropped off and picked up in the designated area at the back of the school. Our goal is to ensure a safe process for morning drop off and afternoon pickup procedures. Often times what we do for the sake of safety may in some way cost us something in the way of convenience. However, giving up some convenience for the sake of student safety is something that we and our parents believe is the right thing to do.

While it takes a bit longer for drivers to wait through the car rider line in the back of the school, having children getting in and out of cars in a well-supervised area helps ensure the safety of our students. We do not have enough staff members to assign to duty in the front parking lot for car riders. Furthermore, the front parking lot has a lot of bus traffic. Having car riders being dropped off or picked up in the front parking lot presents a dangerous situation. For that reason, we ask that all car riders be dropped off and picked up in the designated area at the back of the school. We appreciate your understanding and your support of our efforts to protect our students.

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